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i just ask to God
makes a lot of pocket for me
not for my clothes
but for a lot of someone heart

to slip in my heart
in the pocket
and my heart will always be warm
and warmed
in the pocket of their hearts

like a chain of warm
we keep each other warm

Pocket of warm


suddenly in my loneliness
an angel falls and says
“i’ve fall for you”
i says “aaah..real?”

she cut her wings
turn it to shovel
“i won’t fly again”
then she hit my head

awakened in a land of nothing
watch her digging with a shovel
turn to hole
“get in!!! or i’ll hit you more”

see a wonderful land
a house on the hill
white beach below
a crystal clear river

“that’s the deepest of my heart stay there with me”

oooh…” i do here to stay”

they says “we are here to stay”

Angel with shovel